What is Farm Camp Friday?

Farm Camp Friday is a favorite addition to our preschool program. Each Farm Camp session is 2 hours. 4-year-old classes have 12 children and 1 teacher; 3-year-old classes have 8 children and 1 teacher.

Each week there is a farm theme that the children explore together. We talk about what is current on the farm and we spend time investigating, experimenting, asking questions, and actively learning about the theme. Each week there is a simple project designed to help your child remember some of the things they learned that day. Our hope is that the project helps stimulate conversations at home about the learning that took place that day. Our classes also eat a snack that goes with the theme. Parents are given a snack list at the beginning of the year and we are able to adjust snacks to accommodate for allergies.

While our preschool classes work on kindergarten-readiness skills through farm themes, Farm Camp Friday is only about the farm. Our primary purpose for Farm Camp is to foster curiosity through hands-on learning experiences.


Priority in Friday classes is given to those registering to preschool. For this reason, registration in Farm Camp Friday classes for 4 year olds will only be available to those registering for 2-day preschool until February 17. Once you have registered for preschool, a link for Farm Camp registration will be sent to you via email.

If you are wanting to register your 4 year old for Friday only, please check the link again after February 17.

Registration for Farm Camp Friday classes for 3 year olds is available beginning January 17.