Tuition Prices and Information

Tuition Schedule:
Tuition is based on a calendar year and divided by the number of months. Some months have fewer days than other months, but the price remains the same for every month. If you are starting mid-month, tuition will be prorated for the remaining days of the month based on the entire year.

Our program is growing and we are able to offer more opportunities to our students this coming school year. Our tuition for the 2018-2019 school year has changed to reflect these updates.

Monthly Tuition 2018-2019:

  • $125/month for 2-day preschool
  • $65/month for the 4 year old FCF class alone
  • $175/month for 2-day preschool and FCF (3-day preschool)
  • Three year old Farm Camp Friday is $70/month. The class sizes are MUCH smaller, so the price does reflect that.
  • $105 registration fee for 2-days. $130 registration fee for 3-days. $75 registration fee for  FCF classes. Registration fees are NOT refundable.


Contact us if you’re interested:

Amy Harris (registration, class availability, tours) 801-871-5962 – call or text

Luke and Hilarie (owners) 801-708-4888 – text is best