Policies and Safety Information

Schedule & Calendar

Preschool will start at 9:00/12:30 and end at 11:30/3:00.  Students can arrive 5 minutes before school begins.  Please do not drop your child off before then.  When class ends you can come and quietly wait in the hall.  As your child’s teacher sees you they will call your child to get their stuff to go.  This ensures their safety and allows for teacher/parent communication.  If you need to pick up your child early, please send a note and I will have them ready when it is time.

We will send home a calendar each month with information you will need.  Please check your child’s book bag each day so that you do not miss any important information.


The safety of each and every student is of upmost importance to us at Little Farmers Preschool.  Since they will be going onto our working farm each class period we have several safety procedures in place.  Before each class the areas the children will be entering is examined to ensure there are no safety risks for the children.  We also ask the children to always hold onto the handles on the safety rope as we are walking around the farm, unless the teacher tells them otherwise (when we are planting, harvesting or other similar activities that wouldn’t be possible while holding a rope).  Please remind your child not to climb on any of the farm’s equipment or hay stacks.


2018-2019 Tuition:

  • Two-day tuition: $125 per month
  • Three-day tuition: $175/month
  • Farm Camp Friday 4 year old class: $65/month
  • Farm Camp Friday 3 year old class: $70/month

Tuition is due the 5th of the month.  A $15 late fee is charged for all late payments.  Make checks payable to Petersen Farm Preschool.  There is a $25 returned check fee.

Food and Allergies

We do not have snacks regularly, so please send your child to school well fed.  We strive to have as allergen-free of an environment as possible.  We purchase gluten-free paints and art supplies, and will give an occasional snack that is theme-based.  We will notify you before so if there is any allergy concerns you can let us know.  Also if you would like, you may send 12 store-bought treats for your child’s birthday. If your child has a summer birthday I will let you know when we will be celebrating it.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell will take place the last week of the month.  The theme will be listed on the monthly calendar.  Please only send one Show and Tell item in your child’s backpack.  Do not let your child bring toys to preschool, unless it relates to the theme. Show and Tell relates each week to the letter and sound that we are focusing on in class.

Star Student

Each student will have an opportunity to be the star student for the class.   This is a chance for your child to be spotlighted and teach the class about themselves.  When it is your child’s turn we will send home a basket for you to fill with three items that help to describe your child.  You can also bring a poster of pictures that will be displayed at school.

Field Trips

We will have one or two field trips during the preschool year.  These are optional.  We are also inviting a couple of visitors to come talk to us (police officer, bee keeper, dairyman- all possibilities).  We will meet at the location of the field trip. A parent or adult must accompany each child on our field trips and siblings are welcome to attend.  I will notify you ahead of time as to when these will take place.

Potty Policy

There are two scheduled bathroom breaks during each class.  For safety and privacy reasons I cannot assist children in going to the bathroom.  Please try to send your child in clothing that is simple enough to button/zip without help.  If your child has an accident while at school, we will have them dress in a pair of emergency pull-ups and sweat pants and depending on the situation you may be contacted to take them home.


We will be going outside and around the farm regularly so please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  Make sure that your child wears socks and closed-toe shoes (they will need to have socks on when they change into their farm boots).

Drop off/Pick Up Procedures

We ask that you walk your child to the door when you drop them off, and then come into the hallway at the end of class to pick up your child.  If someone else will be picking up your child please let the teacher know, either via a note with your signature or by telling her in person.  If the person that is picking up your child is not authorized your child will not be released until we verify with you.  Again, your child’s safety is our number 1 concern.

Late Pick Up Policy

We understand that scheduling is tricky! However, when your child is left waiting for you this causes anxiety for him or her. Lateness also is hard on our wonderful teachers who have other commitments after classes end. We will give everyone a 10 minute window following the end of class to pick up children. This window, we hope, will allow for any time constraints you may encounter when coming to pick up. Following this pick-up window, we charge a late fee. We will charge $1 for every minute you are late after the first 10 minutes. To verify the time you pick up, we will photograph your child with the digital clock in the preschool. This photograph will be sent to the directors and you will be expected to pay your late fee with your next tuition payment.

 Medical and Health Policy

Thank you for keeping sick children at home.

When your child is sick, please keep him/her at home until all symptoms are gone or until your physician says it is all right to return to school- both to protect your child and the others in the class.  If your child shows any of the symptoms listed below while at school, you will be called and asked to come immediately to get him/her.  Please help us protect the other children (and your own) by responding promptly.

Please keep at home the child who has:

*Current fever or an elevated temperature within the last 24 hours

*Diarrhea within the last 24 hours

*Vomiting — 2 or more episodes within the last 24 hours

*Matted eyes/pink eye/conjunctivitis until after medically treated and symptoms disappear

*Chicken Pox– please keep the child at home until crusts have formed on all the blisters.

*Hand Foot and Mouth Disease– Please keep child home if a rash is present.

*Severe coughing, which sounds croupy or whooping and causes the child to be unable to lie comfortably.

*Sore throat, especially when there is fever or swelling

*Persistent non-clear nasal drainage, please inform us if your child is suffering from allergies and that would be an exception.

*Lice.  If your child contracts lice please let us know so that we can inform other parents and check children.  Keep the child home until nit free.

*Any other contagious disease

Food & Allergies 

Due to the risk of food allergies, we limit the food we hand out in class. If a child brings a special treat, we will pass out the treat at the end of class, so that each parent can monitor their child’s consumption.  When we do have snacks (occasional) in class, we will notify the parents of the children with the food allergy and make a plan. If this information for your child changes throughout the course of the year, please notify us immediately so that we can plan accordingly.


We do not dispense medications at Little Farmer’s Preschool. With our limited hours we know that you can work out a medication schedule for before and after school hours. Should your child need medication during school hours, you are welcome to come to the school and administer the medication as needed.

Health and Safety Procedures

We continuously stress health and safety in the classroom. Hand washing is our most important line of defense against spreading disease, so we wash our hands OFTEN!

Tables are cleaned with disinfectant regularly.  Disposable tissues are available for the children.

Doctors tell us that the best line of defense against contagion is hand washing! We do lots here. Teach your children to do the same at home to help prevent the spread of infection. Also, teach them to cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing. (The crook of the arm works best.) Thanks for your help.

Emergency Policy

Should a child become injured while at Little Farmer’s Preschool:

*Inform parents when they pick up the child if the accident is minor via our accident report form, as in a small cut or minor bumped head. First aid will be utilized and the child made comfortable. When appropriate, a child will be returned to the classroom.  Otherwise parents will be notified to come get their child.

*Call Poison Control if a child ingests something foreign, follow recommendations, call 911 if applicable, then alert parents.

*Call 911 if a child is severely hurt, or even if a suspicion exists that professional medical help is required. Examples are a seizure, broken bone, or deep wound. The second step is to follow their medical advice and third to alert parents. Children not injured will be moved away from the hurt child.