“My son started your preschool when he barely turned 4 and didn’t know any of the alphabet by sight.  Only a few months into your preschool program and he is reading long sentences!  I love your book program and I love the excitement your teacher has instilled in my child.  Thank you for making learning fun for him!”  Karen Ford, Riverton, UT.

“My son attended the Little Farmers Preschool their first year, 2011-2012.  It was a great start to his school experience and a great first step away from home.  He loved doing the farm chores and the academics gave him a great foundation for kindergarten.  I thought it was so fun that he got to do hands-on farm activities which is unique in the world in which we live.  The teachers and all the material sent home  was very organized, which I really appreciated.  I honestly could not think of something I would change about his time there.”  Robin Bringhurst, Herriman, UT.

“We love to have our daughter in Little Farmers Preschool.  We have been very pleased with her teacher and love the setting!  I hear all about the farm every day when my daughter comes home from preschool.  She loves to be able to help with the animals.  I am also very happy with the progress my daughter has made with reading.  I had been working on letters and reading daily with my daughter, but when they started the reading program in school something just clicked and now she can read everything!  They do so many fun activities with the kids.  Little Farmers Preschool really is a great preschool!”  Kelsey Weaver, South Jordan, UT.

“All I have is positive things to say about Little Farmers Preschool.  I know my son loves going.  I have a blog that shows some of the things he has been doing there.  Here’s the address and I would be happy to answer any questions if anyone wants to contact me.  and my email is”  Emilee Oliver, Draper, UT.