About Petersen Farm Schools- Preschool

Come learn and grow on the farm!

The curriculum at Little Farmer’s Preschool is a unique offering of both core kindergarten-readiness and reading-readiness curriculum and farm-based activities and learning.  The core curriculum is designed to prepare your children for learning success in their continued schooling.  We have a unique reading readiness program that guarantees your child will experience the confidence of learning to read.

The farm-based learning will help your children better understand the natural cycles of life in a safe, fun, and hands-on learning environment. Your children will have the unique opportunity to interact with the farm animals, plant seeds, tend and harvest their own produce, and see (and enjoy) the equipment and products of farm-life.  All children are thrilled by and thrive in an interactive learning atmosphere and we are excited to offer just that.

Trust Petersen Farm Schools to help cultivate the potential in your most precious crop.