Meet Our Staff

We love our staff at Little Farmers!

Ms. Amy, Co-director

The farm is one of my favorite places to be! It provides an ideal environment for children to learn and grow. Children have a zest for learning that is captivating and contagious.  My hope is to help nurture and enhance that natural curiosity through learning experiences that have lasting effects. I have a degree in Elementary Education and have had opportunities to teach in various areas of education. Learning through play is not only one of the most important ways for children to learn, it is also my favorite way to see kids experience learning. 


Ms. Tauni, co-director and teacher THAM

My name is Miss Tauni. I am very excited to teach at Little Farmer’s Preschool because I love children!  For me, a big part of teaching is using the value of “reaching”.  I feel that reaching out to children with love and respect will open the way for effective teaching to take place.  Like always, no matter how much I teach them, children always seem to teach me more!

Ms. Shayla, teacher MWAM

This is my second year teaching at Little Farmers Preschool, and I am so excited. I have worked with children in many different capacities over the last 14 years from running my own in home daycare to being a supervisor at Gene Fullmer Recreation center. I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a wonderful husband named Mike and 4 great kids. Two girls and two boys (Rylee, Libby, Connor, and Colin). I am a big BYU fan and I love to sing and I enjoy sharing that love with children. I’m also really excited and nervous to be training for and running my first half marathon this fall!

Ms. Melanie, teacher MWPM

My name is Melanie Wilde. I grew up in Cottonwood Heights, UT with two funny older brothers and two loving parents. I liked playing pretend and going on adventures outside. I loved school, most of the time. I had a bunny named Oreo (but everyone called him Foofey), that would follow me around when we were outside. I also had a dog named Taz that loved to run and dig. I love animals!  I graduated from Brighton High School and then the University of Utah. One of the best summers I ever spent was in North Carolina at summer camp as an arts and crafts counselor. After college I married a really tall, really funny, really smart, really just-right-for- me guy named Dave. I have always loved kids and now I’m blessed to have four of my very own. My oldest is 9 and my youngest will be in your preschool class. His name is Enoch. I have been a co-op preschool teacher with some of my friends for a few years, and I’m excited to step up to this new job at the farm. I can’t wait to explore, read, make art, and play with you!

Ms. Emily, teacher THAM

I was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah. I graduated from the University of Utah in 2013 with a BS in Special Education. I taught for the Salt Lake School District for five years before taking a different route as a stay at home Mom and joining Little Farmers Preschool. My family and I are outdoor enthusiasts whether it is hiking, biking, camping or boating, we are enjoying it! I am excited to start this new adventure at Little Farmers Preschool.

Ms. Tammy, teacher Farm Camp Friday

I am so excited to teach Friday farm camp. I love working with little ones and seeing their excitement and enthusiasm about every part of life. I have a master’s degree in educational psychology and have worked in high schools and junior high schools. I love working with kids of all ages but have a soft spot in my heart for preschoolers. I love being outdoors with kids and have seen from my own children how much they can learn and grow from being in nature.

Ms. Laurel, Farm Camp Friday 9-11AM

Ms. Laruel, teacher Farm Camp Friday

Hi! I’m Laurel Yeske. I have 6 years of teaching experience and I love the preschool age. I am really excited to teach farm camp and explore this new environment with your kids! My favorite thing about the farm is leaning more about where our foods come from and eating healthy.


Ms. Lindy- Volunteer, Teacher Coach

Children are real. Children can feel. Children are people, too — with BIG needs–and need to have an environment wherein they can feel safe and know that they are IMPORTANT to and LOVED by the adults in their world–therein lies the challenge for all parents and teachers. I am in my “Happy Place” when I am with a group of young children. After a day of teaching–I come away from the classroom feeling energized, uplifted, inspired, and taught by children. They are my source of what is right and good in the world. I love their innocence and genuine love for others. I love to watch them assume responsibility for their own behavior and education. I LOVE CHILDREN!! They are so teachable!!


Luke & Hilarie Petersen- Owners of Petersen Family Farm

I, Hilarie, grew up as a city girl, but as I witnessed how much my kids were learning about the world around them on our farm, I wanted to share it with the community.  Thats how Little Farmers Preschool was born. I have a passion for education and think the farm is a natural place to learn and grow!  Come join us!

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